Qu.Where Do we buy Tickets ? 

Tickets are available on the night from the ticket booth on the ground.

Qu. Can we purchase drinks and food at the event?

We have available various food and drink options at our "Candy Bar"located in the club rooms. We will also have available a selection of food vans at each event. The attending food vendors are announced via social media 24-48 hours prior to the event.

Qu. Can we bring our own food and drink to the event?

Yes, with the exception of alcohol. We are an Alcohol free event . Absolutely no BYO and no glass on site.

Qu. What is the parking situation?

There is limited car parking availble onsite and it is via first come first serve basis. We encourage you to walk if you are a local or respectfully park offsite and walk to the reserve - REMEMBER PLEASE RESPECT OUR NEIGHBOURS AT ALL TIMES. 

Qu.What about if it rains or gets cold?

Our program is an all-weather outdoor event that will go ahead in most weather conditions. Films will still be screened if it rains intermittently, so bring wet weather gear just in case of showers. If an event is cancelled for any reason, we will advise via our social media channels with as much notice as possible, usually around 4-5pm on the date of the screening.

TIP - If the weather is closing in please check our social medai channels by no later than 5 pm on the day. 

Qu. What is the seating arrangement?

Seating is unreserved, so come early to get a good spot. You may also bring your own picnic blankets and deck chairs but nothing too big as people will likely be sitting behind you and need to see the screen too!.We create a blankets only seating area at the very front of the ground to ensure that everyone who sits on the ground for the evening is able to get a good view. If you bring chairs or any other elevated seating you will need to be behind that designated line.

Qu. Is this an accessible event to the disabled or impaired?

Yes, we are an an accessible venue. Please email us on if you need assistance on the day.

Qu. What times does the night start?

The fun starts at approx 6 pm with stalls and activities for both big kids and little kids including Local bands , jumping castles , market stalls , face painting and various other childrens activities. Some activities are provided at no cost and others are provided at a nominal fee payable directly to the attraction provider on the night. It's your choice as to what you attractions you participate in. 

The film will start as soon as it's dark approximately 8.15-8.30pm but no later then 8.45pm. Be sure to head down early to snap up the best spots, enjoy some food & drinks and relax to the live music before the film.

Qu. Can I bring my dog to the event?

We respectfully ask that you bring yourself , your friends and your family , however leave your animals especially dogs at home for the night.

Dogs combined with lots of children , noise , fun and games generally don't mix and at some stage will usually end in tears most likely for the kids.

So please if you are a dog owner understand we love dogs also, but our program is for the kids not your pets.

Help us make it a great night for them. 

The only exception of course is if your 4 legged friend is a disabled service or mobility dog and needs to be with you. In that case "Rover" is most welcome !!

Qu. Inappropriate language and behaviour

We pride ourselves on being a family based event where everyone can attend.

Any foul language or inapproriate behaviour will be dealt with firmly and swiftly by our event staff. Options range from a quiet respectful word through to that person or person/s making an early exit the venue depending on their response.

We ask you to enjoy the night and have fun in the spirit of friendship, respect and community. 

Qu. The oval is a smoke free zone 

Due to the fact we are an event for families and children we require that the main oval area remain a smoke free area at all times especially during the movie to ensure everyones,especially the little ones,comfort is looked after. 

Smoking areas are provided off the oval.

Whilst we respect and acknowledge your choice and right to smoke, we ask that you respect others (especially the kids) right to not have to passively participate in your choice. So please use the area provided.

Qu. Toilets and Amenities 

Public Toilets are located in and around the pavilion. Baby change and disabled toilet access are located inside the pavilion.

Qu. Security

There will always be security on hand in both a visible and invisible manner to deal with any kids both big or little that don't play nicely with others or choose not to follow the above rules for eveyones comfort and safety.

Sadly for those people, they will need to go straight to the naughty corner and hire the movie on I-Tunes or their local video shop and watch it at home as they wont be joining us and will be asked to leave.

In the event of very naughty or intimidatory behaviour, under age drinking or general anti-social carry on, we will only be too happy to introduce those people to our great friends at Victoria Police who will be glad to support you in leaving and explaining your actions to them alittle further.